(91) 833 29 11155 info@hinduengg.com Amaravathi Road, Guntur - 522002
(91) 833 29 11155 info@hinduengg.com Amaravathi Road, Guntur

Vision & Mission

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Established 2011

  • To evolve, by 2025, into one of the top institutions of excellence in engineering education, training, research and community outreach.

  • To impart world-class education through state-of-the-art infrastructure and through traditional as well as contemporary practices.

  • To train and endow the students with a wholesome personality, with right knowledge, right skills, right attitude and right approach towards profession, career and society.

  • To nurture the institute into a centre of multidimensional activity in tune with the current challenges and future demands of the academia, industry and society.

  • To see that the student goes out of the college not only with `degree`, but with confidence, competence, calider and conviction, and preparedness for any task that challenges his or her knowledge or career.