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Key Persons


Sri S.V.S. Somyaji


Sri S.V.S. SOMAYAJI, a professional Chartered Accountant with 35 years of experience with a motive of service in the field of Education for the past 50 years. He is associated with the institution and has been in service for all these years by promoting and managing UG, PG, & other professional courses. He is as well the Vice President of Hindu College and High Schools Council.


Sri. Cheruvu Ramakrishna Murthy

Secretary & Correspondent

Sri. Cheruvu Ramakrishna Murthy, a visionary, an altruist and a compassionate soul,stands as a synonym for hard work, obedience, dedication and ascertained himself to be a successful administrator in maintaining the engineering college on a trajectory of triumph. He has been in sync with the students sharing their pleasures and pressures. His accomplishments have proved to be powerful in achieving magnificence to the institution. He is associated with many institutions by promoting and managing in various capacities over the past many years.